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Infographic: The making of USDA Certified Organic Hemp CBD

The USDA certified organic seal on our bottle is a big deal—it means that our CBD products are 100% fully organic fr...

Infographic: How USDA Certified Organic Hemp Helps Soil Health

We believe that health begins in the soil, and healthy soils produce healthy crops that create healthy animals, peopl...

USDA Certified Organic Hemp Matters!

You’ve seen the USDA Organic logo. You’ve likely sought out the organic produce at the grocery store, and maybe you’...

Climate Strike 2019: It’s Time to Act

As many of you know, RE Botanicals USDA certified organic line of hemp CBD products is focused not only on wellness f...

RE Botanicals 1 of 4 brands to receive "A" grade from Center for Food Safety

Recognized for our “A Game” Since hemp CBD was made legal in 2018 a flood of products have hit the marketplace withou...

Commitment to USDA Certified Organic and Regenerative Agriculture

Our mission at RE Botanicals is to manufacture and offer the highest quality pure organic hemp CBD products. We belie...

How to: CBD & Chill, PLUS CBD Infused Mint Chocolate Chip N'ice Cream Recipe

Hustling, deadlines, and trying to keep up with our daily stressors and demands seem like part of our identity these ...

RE Botanicals Announces Merger with Palmetto Harmony

These are exciting times for the hemp CBD industry. In 1999 I founded the company Nutiva which I named after the nut ...

USDA Certified Organic Carrier Oil and Botanicals

Most CBD products are actually made primarily from oil. Hemp flowers are harvested, dried, extracted then blended wit...

Organic CBD Avocado Toast Recipe

If we told you that your breakfast could be beautiful, superfood-filled, and help you chill out for the day ahead, yo...

USDA Certified Organic Hemp CBD Extraction and Processing

At RE Botanicals, we craft the highest quality, clean and safe products for our customers. RE Botanicals’ products ar...

NEW! USDA Certified Organic Relief Body Oil

Our new essential oil-infused roll-on CBD body oils come in a small bottle with metal roll-on ball for easy applicati...

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