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USDA Certified Organic Hemp Matters!

You’ve seen the USDA Organic logo. You’ve likely sought out the organic produce at the grocery store, and maybe you’ve gone out of your way to look for the green label on the shelves. Or you may even have recently made the decision to sleep only in organic bed sheets.


Or, maybe you’ve only purchased organic products a handful of times.


Regardless on why or when you choose to buy organic products, you have your reasons why organic matters to you. No matter how many or what the reason is, it matters. Certified organic matters to you, and certified organic matters to us.


Producing USDA certified organic CBD has been non-negotiable ever since our founder and Chief Hemp Officer, John W. Roulac, had the vision to shake up the hemp CBD industry.


We don’t just believe certified organic hemp is important, we believe it is vital. Vital to the health of our planet and our consumers, and the only way to grow hemp that we can confidently stand behind.


You may have noticed that many hemp brands make claims that they are organic, but the USDA organic logo is nowhere to be found on their packages.


To put it simply, if there’s no seal, there’s no deal.


When it comes to finding a hemp product you can trust, we believe there’s one logo that matters more than any other: USDA certified organic.


Why you may ask? Watch the short video the top of this page that explains how important USDA certified organic is for hemp.


We’re celebrating the importance of certified organic for the entire month of October. Certified organic hemp matters. It matters to us, it matters to our planet, and it matters because we only feel right about producing certified organic hemp for you.


It’s time to REgenerate with certified organic hemp!


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