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Rewards Program

Sign up today to start earning points from purchases, referrals and liking us on social media! Spend the points on member-only discounts and specials!

How does it work?

Sign Up

Create an account or log into an existing account to start earning points.

Earn Points

Earn points by referring friends, interacting with us on social media and every time you purchase one of our products!

Get Rewards

Redeem your points for exclusive discounts and offers.

How do I earn points?

While signed in, just click on the Rewards button at the bottom of your screen to open your rewards menu. From there, click on “Earn Points” to view the various ways to earn. Just select which option and follow the prompt!

1 Point per Dollar

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend in our store!


Earn 200 points by referring a friend to RE Botanicals. They will even get a discount on us!

Get Social

Earn points by liking and sharing our social media pages.

How do I get my rewards?

While signed in, just click on the Rewards button at the bottom of your screen to open your rewards menu. From there you can redeem your points for a variety of coupons. Just copy the code provided and paste it into the coupon field at checkout!

$15 OFF

200 Points

$30 OFF

400 Points

$45 OFF

600 Points

$60 OFF

800 Points

$75 OFF

1000 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a few ways to earn points in the RE Botanicals Rewards Program.


One-Time Rewards: Each user on the RE Botanicals site is automatically awarded 25 points for creating an account. (Existing accounts will automatically receive the 25 points). You can earn more points from the rewards menu by interacting with us on social media. Choose one of the options from the "Earn Points" section and follow the link to earn your points! Each one of these can be awarded once per user account. 


Purchasing CBD Products: Any product purchased from us will automatically award you points based on your cart value at checkout. Earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend!


Refer your friend for extra points and a nice discount for them off their first purchase! When your friends use your referral link, they will received $15 off their purchase ($50 or more) and you will receive 200 points!

To find your link, just click on the rewards button at the bottom of your screen to open the Rewards Menu. From there scroll all the way to the bottom to access your referral link.
Copy the link and send it however you want or share it easily by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter icon.

You will be rewarded for all purchases made through your link, so get sharing!

For every dollar spent, earn 1 point toward your next reward! Every 200 points, receive $15 OFF your next purchase!

Once you have at least 200 Points, click on the "Spend Points" button or the rewards tab of the Rewards Menu to redeem your points for exclusive offers.

After choosing your reward, you will be given a coupon code to use at checkout.

After redeeming a coupon, the code will be saved to your account so don't worry!
From the reward menu, click on the "My Rewards" button to view all rewards that you have already redeemed. From here you can find and copy your coupon code.

RE Botanicals Rewards Points can only be earned and redeemed through You must be logged into your account in order to earn points and redeem them for discounts.

Coupons awarded through the rewards program can NOT be used in conjunction with other coupon codes or offers.

Don't worry, your points will not expire.

All orders placed on while logged in will reward you points. No orders prior to the introduction of the RE Botanicals rewards program on 5/17/2021 are eligible.

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