2021 new years resolution check-in

Ahead of revealing our resolutions for 2022, we’d like to check in on last year’s resolution. 

We had three simple resolutions:

  • Less stuff, more quality time.
  • Compliment a stranger once weekly. 
  • Eliminate one toxic product per month and replace it with something sustainable.

How did it go?

Less stuff, more quality time

Absolutely done. Remember the shift toward “experiences” rather than gifts that we saw this year? We picked a great time to cut down on accumulating stuff and focus on who and what we are already lucky to have. 

compliment a stranger once weekly

This one got tougher as we went on. It’s hard to find strangers to compliment when those compliments eventually turn the familiar faces on your commute to friends! Kindness attracts kindness, and this resolution helped ease the awkwardness of navigating the slow transition back to spending time in public again. 

Eliminate one toxic product per month and replace it with something sustainable

We adjusted this one. While using all sustainable products is the goal, tossing the products we already had without finishing them in favor of buying something else didn’t feel right. Instead of holding ourselves to a timeline, we replaced our products at the end of their life cycles, whether that was an expiration date, the end of a container, or our last couple inches of plastic wrap. 

Here are our (re)solutions for 2022

Learning something new about regenerative agriculutre, sustainability, or other topics close to our hearts as often as possible.

Our company was founded on the importance of healthy soil and its contribution to the health of plants, people, and our climate. There is no shortage of information to be studied, and we intend to strengthen our knowledge about the topics we’re lucky to be in conversation with. 

Get to know our followers better

(You’re a topic so close to our hearts that learning about you is a separate resolution entirely!)

You’re what keeps us going! We want to learn anything we can that will help us serve you better. We’ll be engaging with you more often on our social media, and our inboxes are always open to you! Help us help you!

Share good things + good thoughts

Staying “in the know” is important, but sometimes a moment of relief brought to you by a piece of positivity is even more pressing. We want our page to be informative, but uplifting – we’re talking good vibes and good news only!

Happy New Years!

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