RE Bootanicals Ghost pops

It's Halloween, and we are all about celebrating "spooky season" with some fun recipe

We like just about everything when it comes to spooky season, except the creepy ingredients that seem to sneak their way into our homes and mouths at Halloween time. The problem with spooky ingredients and products, is that they stay around to haunt us and haunt our planet long after Halloween has passed. 

This Halloween, we set out on a mission to create an organic and vegan treat that we can all feel good about consuming (both for the planet’s health and our health). The only thing scary about our CBD Ghost Pops, is that they’re delicious and very easy to eat. Beware… they are known to quickly vanish into thin air! 

We set out to do some ghost busting, and we’re happy to report that the only ghost left around here won’t haunt your health or anyone else’s health!

Happy Halloween, and enjoy these RE Bootanicals CBD Ghost Pops. The Ghostbusters put it best, and we agree: don’t be afraid of no ghosts!

RE Bootanicals CBD ghost pops recipe

here's what you need for your haunted treat:


White Chocolate – we used this organic grand

Chocolate Chips

Popsicle sticks or wood coffee stirrers

Parchment Paper

Cutting Board

Before getting started, watch this video for an easy visual tutorial!

Step 1: Peel your bananas

Step 2: Cut them in half horizontally and then again vertically

Step 3: Insert your Popsicle or wood coffee sticks into the bottom of each piece

Step 4: Place on parchment paper and freeze for at least 1 hour

Step 5: As the end of the hour approaches, add white chocolate chips to a pan, and begin melting on low heat. Stir frequently to avoid burning

Step 6: Pour melted white chocolate into a tall glass or cup, and allow to cool just a bit

Step 7: After the chips have slightly cooled, add your desired amount of CBD. (For our recipe, using 5 bananas, we used four dropper-fulls 

Step 8: Remove your frozen banana pops from teh freezer, and dip them one by one into the glass with melted chips, immediately place them back on the parchment paper once dipped

Step 9: Once you’ve repeated this process with all ghosts, melted approximately 1/4 cup chocolate chips (you don’t need much) in a pan

Step 10: Once melted, use a toothpick to pick up small bits of the chocolate to draw face son the ghosts. 

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