Infographic: How USDA Certified Organic Hemp Helps Soil Health

We believe that health begins in the soil, and healthy soils produce healthy crops that create healthy animals, people, and planet. All of that begins on the farm where the hemp is planted, when it’s planted, and how it’s planted.


Grown in healthy, homegrown U.S. soil at our farm in Conway, South Carolina, our hemp is 100% USDA certified organic. Planted mid-summer, hemp begins as small seedlings and matures into 4- to 6-feet-tall plants bursting with CBD and other beneficial plant compounds. Fragrant in smell and a rich green in color, at the time of harvest in late September these organic plants resemble robust little Christmas trees.


Quite simply, hemp grown in accordance with the USDA certified organic standards and practices has the power to regenerate our bodies and the earth. Ideally, all of the elements of an organic farming (planned grazing, cover crops, no synthetic pesticides, etc.) combine synergistically to create a holistic, biodiverse system that benefits the soil, the hemp, and the humans who farm and consume it. Many brands claim their hemp is organic, but where’s the proof? As we like to say, no seal, no deal.


The infographic we created below explains some of the central tenets, benefits, and standards of USDA organic certification. Check it out and share with your friends!



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Why USDA Certified Organic Hemp Matters infographic

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  1. What a wonderful poster. You should include one with orders as a promo. It’s not only information it’s beautiful.

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