Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy Hemp CBD 

With the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill, hemp and CBD are no longer designated as schedule 1 drugs. In a market reminiscent of the Wild West, many hemp brands are now making an abundance of unverified claims. Curious shoppers aren’t sure which brands to trust. Justifiably, they want to have faith in the purity of a substance they may ingest on a daily basis. 

The following are five important questions to ask before you choose the product that’s right for you.

What will hemp do for me?

Scientists are now exploring how hemp’s unique cannabinoid properties tap into human and pet Endocannabinoid receptor systems to support physical processes and overall wellness.

Yet, you may notice that hemp CBD companies’ product claims are vague, which is due to hemp being illegal in the United States for over 80 years. Scientific research on its potential benefits has long been hamstrung. The FDA is stringently clear that hemp CBD sellers can’t make claims about their products, which leaves consumers needing to seek information on their own. You’ll find many articles online to assess yourself, so we recommend doing your research and talking to others who have used hemp CBD products.

What The country of Origin?

Many leading CBD brands source their hemp from Europe or other countries and don’t declare their origin. Americans fought hard to change the uninformed DEA laws banning hemp from being grown in the USA. 

Ask where the hemp is grown! Now that hemp is legal to grow let’s boost America’s economy by supporting the farmers and workers who cultivate and process domestic hemp!

Is the product made from certified organic hemp?

How we grow crops has a significant impact on our environment and climate change. More than 70% of all hemp planted in the USA is produced using chemical fertilizers that taint our streams, rivers, and oceans via runoff. Organic farming helps build healthy soils while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, which lessens climate change. 

Most hemp brands claim to be organic but have no documentation, so look for the USDA organic symbol. When you choose certified organic hemp, you’re voting for a better future.

How is the product made?

A variety of methods can extract CBD from the hemp flower to produce a hemp oil product. It’s essential to look for a brand that’s transparent about its extraction methods. Are any hexane or GMO solvents used? What type of carrier oil is blended with the hemp extract? Is the oil organic, and does it enhance the absorption of the hemp CBD as does organic MCT oil? Are there additives such as natural flavors or GMO ingredients? Does the seller provide third-party product testing?

Does The Company's Mission Allign With My Values?

Choose a brand committed to environmental ethics, worker health and safety, and giving back to the community. By voting with your dollars, you can leverage your spending to create the world you want to live in.

Let’s make this the year of hemp!

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