Climate Strike 2019: It’s Time to Act

As many of you know, RE Botanicals USDA certified organic line of hemp CBD products is focused not only on wellness for people, but also for the planet. We see organic farming as a key solution to human health as well as to the planet crisis.


We also believe in the power of companies to create change and we are VERY inspired by the global youth movement to call attention to the climate crisis we face. To show solidarity with this movement we are closing our business this Friday, September 27 as part of the global Climate Strike.


The amazing thing about the Climate Strike is that it’s being led by youths who are fed up by the lack of action from adults. They are skipping school in protest of that lack of action and to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet. We believe we need to listen to our youth and support them.


I myself became an environmental activist at age 21 when nuclear waste was dumped near my house in the Pasadena, California area. I founded RE Botanicals with the belief that healthy soils lead to healthy plants, healthy people, healthy oceans and a healthy planet, and that the power of regenerative agriculture can help reverse climate change. That’s why I named our company RE Botanicals, which stands for Regenerative Botanicals. It’s also why I’m co-producing a documentary film about regenerative ag, Kiss the Ground, which is narrated by Woody Harrelson and will be released in 2020.


Unless we address our climate crisis our oceans and nature herself may strike in the coming decade, endangering our lives in a number of ways. The bad news is that time is short. The good news is that regenerative ag can sequester the legacy load of carbon in our oceans and atmosphere and return it back to the land, where it belongs.


We thank you for your support and understanding while our business stays shuttered for 24 hours this Friday, September 27th. We also encourage you, our customers and partners, to consider what actions you can take to protect the lovely planet we live on.


Let’s regenerate with hemp!

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John Roulac

Founder & Chief Hemp Officer


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