Commitment to USDA Certified Organic and Regenerative Agriculture

Our mission at RE Botanicals is to manufacture and offer the highest quality pure organic hemp CBD products. We believe that quality starts in the soil and applies to the ingredients and processes used to create our products. We are committed to making clean and safe products for our customers and the planet.

To achieve our mission, we have a strong and dedicated commitment to USDA certified organic. We don’t just say our products are organic like some companies, our products actually meet the USDA certified organic standards as outlined by the National Organic Program. Following these standards means no pesticides, solvents, natural flavors or GMOs are used to produce any of our products. “Being certified organic should be a base level for both the trade and consumers if they want a high quality product that is better for our planet,” says John Roulac, founder and chief hemp officer RE Botanicals.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with organic certification. We also believe deeply in regenerative agriculture and its potential to heal the soil, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Regenerative agriculture emphasizes that quality products start with healthy soil, while also taking into consideration land management and biodiversity, animal welfare, worker and farmer fairness and enhancing the overall ecosystems involved in a growing environment.

Hemp requires high levels of nitrogen to grow, which means non-organic companies are applying synthetic fertilizers to their crops to ensure quick growth. These fertilizers not only end up in the soil, they end up in the water and ecosystem where that hemp grows and beyond. “When it rains,” says Roulac, “these pesticides wash off the fields into the lakes, rivers and oceans. They are a major contributor to water pollution and ocean dead zones.”  

Hemp also is a bioaccumulator, which means that it acts like a sponge absorbing what’s in the soil, including chemicals and pesticides. Once absorbed, these chemicals remain present in the plant during the extraction process, which means they also end up in the final product, too.

RE Botanicals’ USDA certified organic hemp is farmed without synthetic chemical fertilizers. Instead, our farmers often use crop rotations such as clover and alfalfa to improve soil health and fertility allowing us to start with clean soil and end with a clean product. Organic principals and regenerative agriculture is so important to us that we donate 1% of profits to educating farmers about regenerative practices. A high quality product means starting with healthy organic seed and soil and finishing with a clean and safe product we can stand behind. Your health and the health of the planet is important to us.

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