Infographic: Hemp Can Help Reverse Climate Change

Hemp can help reverse climate change. It’s true.

We’ll get to the nitty-gritty of how and why in just a moment, but let’s first discuss the problem at hand. The health of our planet (and its people—yeah, that’s you) depends on the health of its topsoil.  Healthy topsoil is the key to almost everything. It gives us clean air and water as well as nutrient-rich food. It regulates water flow and contains microorganisms that provide the foundation for both human and plant life. 


The bad news: Earth is losing topsoil at an alarming, disturbing rate. In the past hundred or so years, grasslands and prairies across the globe have desertified. Agricultural valleys—once lush and fertile—have turned to dust. Industrial agriculture, with its “take from the earth” mentality, has depleted healthy soil. Carbon and methane emissions are warming the atmosphere and in turn acidifying the oceans. Acidified oceans kill phytoplankton, and our precious phytoplankton produce over 50% of Earth’s oxygen. That’s not a good thing.


The good news: We can help reverse climate change by shifting our perspective and altering our approach to agriculture. Quite simply, one of the keys to reversing climate change is sequestering carbon from the atmosphere into our soil, and regenerative agriculture can do just that.


The better news: Hemp can play a big role in this practice.


Not all hemp has the power to do this. Sadly, the majority of CBD brands out there engage in dangerous and irresponsible agriculture practices that actually contribute to climate change.


We’re passionate about hemp and its role in regenerative agriculture. That’s why we donate 1% of our sales to nonprofits that educate farmers about it. We’ve created this infographic to explain regenerative agriculture, illustrate how hemp can play a part in it, and demonstrate how you—and the CBD that you use—can change things for the better.


Let’s REgenerate with hemp!


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