NEW! USDA Certified Organic Relief Body Oil

If you have ever used essential oils, then you likely understand the power of scent to invigorate or relax you. If you have never used essential oils before, well then, consider using them as an awakening of the senses. Whether you are looking to relax or rejuvenate your body, studies have shown that essential oils may have health benefits for improved sleep and mood, as well as relief from anxiety and depression. This is why they make the perfect pairing with our blend of USDA certified organic hemp CBD oil and MCT oil in our new Relief Body Oils.

Our Relief Body Oils are easy to use and the compact bottle makes them convenient to take with you in a purse or a pocket. The metal roller-ball applicator means that you can easily, and even discretely, apply the oils to your temples, wrists or back of neck, without making a mess.

What’s the right formula for you? If you’re one of the many adults who struggles with falling or staying asleep, or even just managing stress, then lavender may be for you. Research shows that lavender oil can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which means it has calming effects to help you meet the challenges of the day or to relax before sleep.

For an energy boost, consider our peppermint Relief Body Oil. Peppermint is known to be a versatile essential oil, like that friend who gets along with everyone. Studies have shown it to help improve mental clarity and boost energy, while also being potentially helpful in easing headaches, muscle aches and digestive woes. Its versatility makes it a good choice to keep on hand.

Even before you apply it, the light citrusy scent of the ginger-lime Relief Body Oil can refresh your senses. This uplifting combination has been shown to help energize the body and brighten moods when needed. Think before that after-work get together or late afternoon work meeting when you’d rather be on the couch or sneaking a nap at your desk.

Like CBD, essential oils are extracted from plants, which is why RE Botanicals is dedicated to making products that are USDA certified organic. USDA certified organic means each product is Non-GMO and free from pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Our products are 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals, solvents or pesticides, to ensure purity. Your health and the health of the planet is important to us.

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