Start the Next Decade with Meaningful Intentions that Stick

Tired of making the same resolutions year after year? Instead, try setting inspiring intentions that make you smile.


Read through a list of typical resolutions: lose 20 pounds, make more money, exercise three times a week, go to sleep earlier. Do these goals sound soul-stirring? Or like a slog? 


This year, sideline the sense of struggle and obligation. Set an intention that feels exciting and enjoyable to carry out. 


Your Year in Review 

Boulder-based Spiritual Guide and Life Coach, Kylie Kwon suggests doing an inventory at the beginning of the year to figure out what worked and what didn’t. 


“Determine what served you in the previous year and let go of what didn’t.” she says. “Figure what you were doing when you felt your best, and concentrate on how you want to feel in the upcoming year. What goals keep you motivated to move forward.” 


Here are some questions that can help you digest 2019 and better understand the areas you want to transform:

  • What worked this year? What were your successes? 
  • What were your greatest challenges this past year? What did you learn from them?
  • What are you ready to release? 
  • How do I want to feel all year long?


It can be helpful to focus on a single word as a theme for the year, for example: freedom, creativity, acceptance, focus, bravery. 


Set Your Overall Theme and Intention for the New Year

Set the stage for deep thought. Play some relaxing music, and take some deep breaths in through the nose and out the mouth. Now, grab your journal and begin free writing. 


Kwon recommends focusing on a phrase or a single word as a theme for the year, for example: freedom, creativity, acceptance, abundance, bravery, peace.


Next, imagine what it would feel like if you lived and embodied that phrase or word? How would it improve your life? 


Finally, it’s time to act. Write down a few actionable steps that can help you live your word or phrase. For example, if your word is creativity, make a goal to journal every day, play guitar for 20 minutes, read a chapter of a novel, whatever feels good! If your word is abundance, make time daily to be grateful for all the blessings you already have in your life. 


A Word about Self Care

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that taking care of ourselves and focusing on our own happiness and personal satisfaction is selfish and that we should put others first. But, you can’t give to others if your tank is empty. But, just how do we take care of ourselves? 


Self care isn’t just bubble baths and massages. “Self care is a top priority,” says Kwon. “It’s about slowing down and being gentle with yourself.”  


So, how do you determine what type of self care you need? 


“Figure out what brings a smile to your face,” says Kwon. What brings you joy allows you to replenish your energy, so you can accomplish your to-do list and take care of your loved ones with an open heart, without resentment. 


This year, make a commitment to self care by taking time to nourish your body and soul every day. RE Botanicals is here to help.

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